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What can pasteurize Pasteurizer Cavitator®?

Pasteurizer Cavitator® can pasteurize any food or industrial product with any viscosity and density.
Con Pasteurizer Cavitator® can pasteurize liquids for human consumption and industrial liquids at lower temperatures than the traditional pasteurization process because of its better efficiency.

Pasteurizer CAVITATOR® is the innovative pasteurizer that uses controlled cavitation.
Effective and efficient, with this innovative technology you can significantly reduce bacterial count maintaining the nutritional properties of food.
Pasteurizer CAVITATOR® is the future standard for low temperature pasteurization.


The Pasteurizer Cavitator® harnesses cavitation to heat liquids in seconds, whether in batch or continuous systems.  This heating can be done with pinpoint accuracy and consistently by varying rpms through a temperature controller and variable frequency drive.  There is no temperature gradient or hot or cold spots.

There is also no heat transfer surface so there is no scaling or fouling. The system is flameless and can be totally automated.

The Pasteurizer Cavitator® can heat liquids with no degradation in the heat transfer coefficient.
Additionally, there is an ultrasonic cleaning effect that occurs on the metal surfaces inside the Pasteurizer Cavitator® as the shockwaves are generated within narrow clearances. This cleaning effect, in conjunction with a negative delta T between metal and liquid, ensures scale-free heating.


It increases the quantity and quality of pasteurization.

It is scalable for any process, from the laboratory to industry.

It reduces by more than 30% time and cost of any traditional pasteurization process.

It transfers heat uniformly to the entire mass.

Continuous, semi-continuous and batch pasteurization system.


Available, delivery in very short time.

Adaptable to any plant.

Zero maintenance.

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